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Hardknott Brewery


Hardknott Brewery,

Unit 10, Devonshire Road Industrial Estate,, Millom, Cumbria, LA18 4JS
(01229) 779309
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Tours by arrangement

Summary Dec 2012


Hardknott Brewery opened in 2005 using a two-barrel plant at the Woolpack Inn, Boot. Since relocating to Millom the brewery has been a leader in contemporary craft beer Nationally and Internationally. Bridging the gap between the classic cask market, high quality bottled beers and new wave craft keg has been very successful for this rapidly growing business. In 2012 the 16hl brewhouse has been complimented by a further 4 multi-purpose fermentation tanks to add to the existing two. Further investment has been made in an up-to-date bottling line and a sexy contemporary re-brand.


Light Cascade 3.4% A classic Cascade single hop, West Coast USA influenced Pale Ale. Inevitable grapefruit flavours and aro­mas with a good satisfying bitter finish makes for a refreshing session beer.Perfect with most of the classic British fayre like Gammon, Fish and Chips or to wash down a nice juicy steak.

Katalyst 3.8% Kick-arse Krisp Thirst Kwenching Beer. Pale refreshing juicy asparagus on the nose with summer salad crispness to the middle. Celery and a hint of gooseberries give way to a refreshing bite at the end.Works well with fish, salad or other summer seasonal food.

Continuum 4.0% This is our robust regular bitter. There is an immediate hit of citrus with a hint of dark berries on the nose. Lemon and blackcurrant flavours with a large and long lasting bitter finish.Great with Northern classics like Cumberland Sausage and whole grain mustard or Shepherds’ Pie.

Atomic Narcissus 4.2% Contemporary best bitter. Ruby brown, toast and marmalade aromas with rich spicy figs and banana on the palate and a satisfying pucker finish.For food matches consider fruity rich curry, steak and kidney pudding or liver and onions or pigeon.

Cool Fusion 4.4% Spiced lager. Very pale straw, grassy nose with a hint of sweet ginger. There is a refreshing but mild spicy flavour and a gentle thirst quenching finish. Perfect with delicate fish like sushi or Thai crab cakes.

Dark Energy 4.9% Inter-galactic Stout. Rich dark berries, bitter chocolate, espresso coffee. Snug nights besides a roaring log fire coupled with defiance of the raging storm outside. Or as a night cap, after a long day and a fill of ses­sion beer, this one will hit the spot. Works well with chocolate desserts, oysters, black pudding or slow cooked Lamb shoulder.

Code Black A Black IPA, or perhaps a Cascadian dark, call it what you will. Toasty, cit­rus, bitter, hints of chocolate and at a strength sure to satisfy. Matches well with hotpot, black pudding or spicy cheese.

The English Experiment A thoroughly English IPA. The first batch was brewed in conjunction with John Keeling of Fullers and the beer uses four varieties of brand new English Hops. Orange and molasses with a hit of pepper in the middle. Full bodied fruit tails off to full pithy finish.

Infra Red Red IPA. Deep ruby red, earthy orange and caramel nose, sweet toffee start, dark roast pars­nips and a long bitter finish. Perfect with roast beef and a full tray of roast root vegetables. Don’t forget a rich pan jus, or if you prefer, you can just have gravy.

Queboid A Begique IPA. A strong citrus nose with spicy fruity banana and full on golden syrup flavour


June 2012

Dave and Ann are becoming more focused on the wider, even world-wide, market for differently styled beers; those not widely available in Cumbria. Hardknott beers are to be sought rather than happened upon, and finding them is probably more likely in the south-western area of Cumbria. A phone call to the brewery will probably suggest a cask outlet or two around the time of your call. Definitely something different.

March 2012

Harknott news

Beers to be exported to Italy!

Clever name and subtle description has led to complaints to industry watchdog the Portman Group



This brewery was originally located at the Woolpack Inn, at the foot of Hardknott Pass, near Boot in Eskdale but in Feb 2010 the pub was sold and the kit taken to an industrial unit in Millom. The pub continues to sell at least one of the beers.

The inn was bought in February 2004 by Ann Wedgewood and Dave Bailey. They decided in 2005 that the Bunkhouse was not making a significant contribution to the business and so they decided to replace the Bunkhouse with a microbrewery. The Woolpack was known to have brewed beer in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ann and Dave are aimed to have the brewery in full production by Easter the next year, and the first two beers: Black Sail, a dark Mild (ABV 2.8%) and Tenacity (ABV 5.0%) a malty, strong mild ( old English ale?) were available on the bar on New Years Eve.

Early beers were
Light Cas'cade (ABV 2.8%),
Tenacious Casc'ade (ABV 3.3%),
Woolpacker (ABV 3.8%)
Tenacity (ABV 4.8%)

Dave became famous as Hardknott Dave for his blog, one of the most interesting ones to read if you are interested in beers, breweries, food and pubs, for his witty and insightful and sometimes caustic writing.

He continues to blog and you can read it by clicking here.

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