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Dent Brewery Ltd
LA10 5TQ
Phone    01539 625326
Fax    01539 625033
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Dent was set up in 1990 in a converted barn next to a former farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. In 2005 the brewery was completely refurbished and capacity expanded. One pub is owned. Over 150 outlets are supplied direct.



October 2011

The brewery has had a very busy summer. Currently they are re-launching their Dent Bitter (ABV 3.7%).  Several trial versions are to be brewed and public feedback in welcomed before a final version is agreed.

Info about the brewery

This information has been put together in 2008 from articles orginally by Ros Berry (for What Ales) and Alan Risdon (for Cumbria Real Ale Guide)

The 7 barrel brewery, set up in 1990 in a converted barn, and using water from its own spring, has gone from strength to strength and now uses 10 barrel plant. Their own distribution company, Flying Firkin, supplies pubs, clubs and festivals all over the north. Paul, brewer, has recently left (Oct 2010) to work for Tirril Brewery.
Regular beers are Bitter, Aviator, Ramsbottom, Kamikaze, T’owd Tup + many seasonals.

There cannot be many breweries more remote than Dent. It’s half way up a hillside, a couple of miles along a single track road from the picturesque village of Dent, halfway between the village and the eponymous railway station (all, confusingly, within the Yorkshire Dales National Park!). The brewery itself is in a barn next to a former farmhouse known as The Hollins. From the door way you look across wild Dentdale but inside the brewery has undergone a transformation – all is very slick and modern.

One of the founding breweries in Cumbria, the brewery (the third Cumbrian micro) originally was started in 1990 at the Sun Inn in Dent, owned by Martin Stafford. Brewing seemed like a good way of keeping the pub supplied with a local real ale. The brewery was soon moved to its present location further up the valley and Paul Goodyear, from Dent village, took over the brewing. Production expanded and Dent soon became established as one of better known Northern microbreweries. A couple of years ago plans to relocate the brewery in larger premises looked as though they might come to fruition, and Martin sold The Hollins to Paul and Judith Beeley. Eventually, after failing to find new premises for the brewery, Martin also sold the business to the Beeleys.

Paul is a consultant scientist, as well as a keen home brewer, and has used his knowledge of chemistry and process plant to bring about a number of improvements. Judith Beeley has a West Cumbria connection: she was brought up in Flimby – her father was well known local politician Joe McMillin. She is a tax accountant and has used her business knowledge to help the brewery. In fact it’s a real family enterprise, with son Edward helping out as work experience during university holidays.

The change of ownership has brought a number of changes, but much has stayed as it was.

The brewery was completely renovated in 2005, with washable wall and floor coverings, new mash tun, copper and fermenting vessels all linked by gleaming stainless steel pipework. The vessels were fabricated by a local firm in Kendal and a new grist box upstairs was made by Paul Beeley. Three fermenters are now of 10 barrel capacity.

All the water used in brewing comes from the Hollins’ own spring up on the fellside. Malts come from Muntons of Stowmarket; hops come from Charles Faram. Paul Goodyear uses eight different hop varieties, but the main ones are Northdown, Styrian Goldings and Fuggles. Dent’s biggest seller is Aviator, a drinkable hoppy bitter beer, followed by Dent Bitter and Kamikaze. There are seven regular brews, plus numerous specials. Paul has a collection of over 60 recipes; the specials are particularly popular on guest beer lists and he usually has sold out of the next special even before he has brewed it. Most of the beer names have a connection with sheep since the population of Dentdale is such that there are more grass eaters, many of them grazing nearby, than beer drinkers. Thus, for example, the prize-winning 'Ewetopia', 'Ramsbottom' and 'Sunny Wether'

Beers are available in cask and bottle throughout Cumbria; Supermarkets Booths and Asda take large quantities of bottled beer. Bottling is done by Hambleton brewery, owned by Martin’s brother Nick Stafford. Beers are supplied to dozens of pubs in Cumbria and North Yorkshire, but many further afield; the website features major stockists.

In 2006 the Brewery bought the George & Dragon in Dent village, which is proving a great success, offering the range of Dent beers along with continually changing Guest beers from all over Cumbria and the UK, together with good food and wine. Dent beers are also available at the other pubs in Dentdale, the Sportsman and the Sun.

Regular Beers
Bitter (OG 1035, ABV 3•7%)
Fruity throughout and lightly hopped. The beer has a pervading earthiness.
Aviator (OG 1039, ABV 4%)
This medium-bodied amber ale is characterised by strong citrus and hoppy flavours that develop into a long bitter finish.
Rambrau (OG 1042, ABV 4•5%)
A cask-conditioned lager.
Ramsbottom Strong Ale (OG 1042, ABV 4•5%)
This complex, mid-brown beer has a warming, dry, bitter finish to follow its unusual combination of roast, bitter, fruity and sweet flavours.
Kamikaze (OG 1047, ABV 5%)
Hops and fruit dominate this full-bodied, golden, strong bitter, with a dry bitterness growing in the aftertaste.
T’Owd Tup (OG 1056, ABV 6%)
A rich, full-flavoured, strong stout with a coffee aroma. The dominant roast character is balanced by a warming sweetness and a raisiny, fruitcake taste that linger on into the finish.

Special Beers
Produced monthly, all at ABV 4•5%

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