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Great Gable, Egremont

The Great Gable Brewing Company Ltd
Unit 2g Bridge End Industrial Estate
CA22 2RD
Phone    01946 823846
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Great Gable began brewing in 2002 using a five-barrel plant at the Wasdale Head Inn in deepest Wasdale, 9 miles from Gosforth.  It moved to its current location in Egremont in 2010


October 2011

Iron Awe, stunning red in colour with a refreshing complexity. It has been the fastest seller ever at the Horse & Groom. Also on at Wadale Head.


Sept 2011

"After the success of my Ginger Ale , Giles reluctantly let me have another go but of course he could not resist tweaking it so look out for "Howard's Ginger Gold" at Ulverston Beer Feastival and at the
"However, success has gone to my head and I have produced "Howard's Chocolate Orange Mild" which should be on at the Horse&Groom this weekend. Note the only reason it has my name on it is not through ego but rather that Giles wants nothing to do with it! Wry nose has made a welcome summer return."


June 2011:

Coming soon to the Horse & Groom is a porter from the Brown Cow Brewery in Yorkshire called "Thriller in Vanilla" abv 5.1%.
Giles has finally let Howard do a beer again. It will be "Howard's Ginger Beer", a bit of an experiment, ready in July at around 5%ish abv and only available at the Horse & Groom.
They are now brewing so much "Wastwater Gold" that they are having to put on a night shift to brew the other brands!


Spring 2011 :

Wasdale Head Inn is under new management and is again selling Great Gable beers, along with up to 8 choices from the other 28 Cumbrian breweries.



The brewery was moved from Wasdale Head in late 2009 and reassembled in an industrial unit in Egremont Jan 2010, and brewing has now recommenced, introducing the new and very popular Wastwater Gold 3.9%.

Beers are now more readily available as guests etc - which was not previously possible because the Wasdale Head Inn could sell all that was brewed.

A new aquisition is the Horse & Groom at Gosforth, which showcases their own beers as well as have others as guests.

The Wasdale Head Inn, in remote Wasdale, under the shadow of Great Gable, opened its in-house, 10 barrel brewery in 2002 under brewer Giles Holiday, and produced a large range of interesting beers:
First beers were the ever popular Great Gable Bitter - a refreshing 3.4% session beer which is just right for thirsty walkers after a day's climbing; and the stronger Wasd'Ale. Other regular beers are Burnmoor Pale, Scawfell, Illgill IPA, Yewbarrow, Lingmell. etc


Article from What Ales June 2008 (Ros Berry) (note - all out of date as brewery has moved, but still interesting!)
After some delay the Great Gable Brewing Co sprang forth in 2002 and has not looked back. Giles Holiday, erstwhile bar manager of the Wasdale Head Inn produced the first experimental brew at the end of February 2002 in the brewery situated alongside the pub. The beer was put on the bar for customers to try and comment on.
The first beer to be produced was Great Gable, at 3.7% designed to be a 'rehydration ale', a well balanced session beer to appeal to drinkers who have been working up a thirst on the fells. It is not uncommon to have over 500 pints of it sold in a night in the busy season! Amongst the other beers are Wasd'Ale abv 4.4% O.G. 1042 ruby in colour, stronger with a wonderful after taste, WryNose abv 4.0% O.G. 1039 a Summer beer with a real zesty flavour, Scawfell abv 4.8% O.G. 1046 a strong bitter, reminiscent of an old fashioned I.P.A and Yewbarrow 5.2%, originally described - wrongly - as a stout - is really a strong dark mild, and is very highly regarded, reaching higher levels in CBOB competitons and taking silver medal as a RAIB in 2009.

later brews include:
Trail Ale - a golden ale, Britain's Favourite View, Liar, Lingmell - a best bitter, Brown Tongue - a strong bitter, Burnmoor Pale - a best bitter and Illgill IPA - a Golden Ale and a special called 'Award' was brewed to mark the Cumbria Pub of the Year 2006 award.

Water for beer production, like all the hotel's water, comes from a spring up on the side of Yewbarrow. Proprietor Howard Christie says that so far the spring has never dried up! Malt comes from Fawcett's of Castleford and Giles uses Northdown hops for Wasd'Ale, Challenger for Great Gable and Pioneer for WryNose. New beers for 2008 -
1 A beer for the French Twinning (WEVA) of eskdale and wasdale which we are going to call "Oui Va" it night have a hint of chestnuts! (March)
2 a beer for Kate Christie's 50th birthday which we might call Kate's 49.999 (49 point 999!)(July)
3. a beer for owner, Howard Christie,'s disabled friend, the intrepid mountaineer, John Hawkridge, which may be a genuine stout. and called "The Hawkridge" (August)

The brewery is now in full production, now producing as much as they can sell in the hotel! Giles remains the full time brewer, and in recognition of his sterling service, is now a shareholder in the brewery. He now has a brewing assistant - Matt Roberts - who is being encouraged to design his own beer for later on in 2008.

The brewery has a full capacity of 10 barrels, and Giles brews either 4 or 4 1/2 barrels at a time. Most of the beer is consumed in the Wasdale Head, and Great Gable beers now account for over half the consumption, but a few neighbouring pubs are supplied on an occasional basis. Beers are bottled or available in 4 pint mini-casks.
Meanwhile the Wasdale Head Inn continues to sell beers from other Cumbrian breweries including Derwent, Yates, Jennings, Hesket Newmarket in the busiest times, when it cannot brew enough to meet demand from walkers.

The new brewery is adjacent to the pub kitchen and a covered outdoor drinking area. Hops grow in tubs and you can see what's going on in the brewery through a porthole window. From the side of the brewery you can access the beer garden and the bank of the beck, an idyllic setting to enjoy a Great Gable beer on a warm afternoon. A recent visitor was Prince William

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