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Jennings Bros PLC
The Castle Brewery
CA13 9NE
Phone    0845 1297185
Fax    0845 1297186
www.jenningsbrewery.co.uk Link to Twitter page
contact  http://www.jenningsbrewery.co.uk/contact/


Opened in 1828 as Jennings Brothers,  in nearby Lorton where the brewery used water from its own well, the brewery was moved to Cockermouth, to the Castle brewery and is the largest, (150 barrel brew length) brewery in Cumbria. Despite vociferous capaigning by the local branch, Jennings was taken over by Wolverhampton and Dudley during the early part of 2005 and later coming under the umbrella of Marston's, one of the largest brewery companies in the country. The takeovers in ownership have not resulted in any change other than to ensure the continuing future of the brewery and to ensure the highest quality is maintained and that new beers are developed - not so bad, after all!!!

Jennings, as it was, under former brewer, Peter Laws, had a portfolio of 12 first class beers, the most commonly available being the tawny coloured, richly malty, Jennings Bitter. The paler, hoppier, Cumberland Ale, developed in 1991 by Second Brewer, Mary Minty, has become a firm favourite nationwide. It is the best selling brand in the Jennings Range outside the Lake District.

became popular and is now very widely available, being marketed by Marston's Brewery as a flagship brand.

The five constant beers are Dark Mild, Bitter, Cumberland Ale, Cocker Hoop, Snecklifter.
A series of monthly specials and seasonals adds variety to their portfolio and have included:
Yan T'yan Tethera, Tom Fool, Honey Bole, Fish King, Swan's Lake, Redbreast, Cross Buttock, Lakeland Stunner, Stickle Pike, 1828, Golden Host, Crag Rat and World's Biggest Liar.


The last is usually available in November to coincide with the World's Biggest Liar contest, which is held at the Bridge Inn, Santon Bridge, and is sponsored by Jennings.

The brewery was flooded out in the Cockermouth floods in October 2009 and amazingly, brewing recommenced in Feb 201

0, after a few months of beers brewed by other Marston's breweries, by our own brewers, - but we could still tell the difference! It's all in the water! The first brew since the floods was done on 11th Feb and Roger Protz was on site.Everyone was delighted that they were now up and running at Castle brewery again following all the repairs. Since then, a large claim for underpinning the brewery has been challenged by the insurers but the work has been done anyway - maybe at Marstons' expense!!
Jennings organised a flood appeal fund and very generously funded it by donating 10p from every pint sold, and it realised over £178,000.


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