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Strands Brewery, Nether Wasdale

The Strands Inn & Brewery
CA20 1ET
Phone    01946 726237
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This brewery is located in an ex-stable building at the back of the Strands Hotel in Nether Wasdale. Brewer, Mark Corr, who moved to the hotel in 2007 with wife, Lesley, got his kit, most of which came from Saddleworth Brewery, almost immediately but didn't get started on brewing until Early February 2008.

February 2012

Owner Mark Corr decided to increase to a 5.5 barrel plant due to increased demand for his product, and the desire to accelerate the bottling side of the business. The intention is for all 23 of his beers to be available in bottles by the middle of the year and ALL will be bottle conditioned and can be bought in a handy customised takeaway pack of 3 for £10.00 or individually.
They brew this many (more than anywhere else in the county and probably in the top 10 in the country) because he wants to offer people something they can enjoy and this approach caters for all palates and at very sensible prices. He has been distributing his beers nationally since the back end of last year.

More beers:
Zingi Beer               3.3%
Dickies Dunkel        4.0%
Fruit De La Lune      5.5%
Responsibly            3.7%

October 2011

Almost 20 beers have now been brewed.

Two Beer festivals, showcasing all of their beers, have been held

Pumpclips have had a radical new design, based on a tall, elongated pyramid.


Main beers:

Strands Barley Wine 9.5% 1085 Barley Wine/Strong Old Ale
Strands Red Screes 4.5% 1047 Best Bitter
Strands Brown Bitter 3.8% 1041 Bitter
Strands Errmmmmmmm 3.8% 1042 Bitter
Strands Corr'sberg 4.1% 1044 Golden Ale
Strands Dafydd-Ale 4.2% 1044 Golden Ale
Strands Tete a Tete 3.7% 1040 Mild
14 beers have been brewed altogether so far and all were available at their pub beer festival in May 2010, and event that many hope will be repeated.


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