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Kendal Brewery



The Kendal Brewing Company
19 Lowther Street
01539 733803
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This is a new brewery building and kit in a glass walled building at the rear of Burgundy's Wine Bar (Home of the Cumbria Microbreweries challenge). The kit came from Manchester Universoty, was installed in 2011, first brewed Oct 2011.
A new extended drinking area is along side this, with a good view of the inside of the brewery itself.

12th February 2012

3 new beers have been made in the last month.

Helga's Dunkel Bier: Brewed to the style of a traditional German dunkel bier. Wonderfully smooth & malty taste. A drink for dark beer connoisseurs.

Tenter Hooks: Brewed with traditional English hops fuggels and golding. This light golden beer has a hint of orange taste. At 3.7% it is the perfect session beer.

All Hallows:A dark smooth mild style beer, brewed to an old Kendal Whitwell Mark recipe. Very moreish!

January 2012

The tasting notes for the 2 brews so far are:

Tan ale with malt flavour, citrus aroma and crisp hop bitterness.

A creamy golden beer with a rich hop flavour.

There are 2 brews planned for next week. A 3.7% bitter and a dark mild. I had the casting vote on the colour of the mild, I voted for dark. (Mike had wanted a light mild but Hans wanted dark.)
The intention is to make 2 brews per week a regular thing now they are up and running and into the new year. The names have yet to be decided but all beers will have a Kendal related name.

Left to right are Hans Kruger (with an umlatt over the letter U properly otherwise Krueger), Kim Lawther (Yes Lawther, not Lowther!) and Mike Pennington.




10th January 2012

The second beer 'Eleven Bells' a hoppy golden bitter, has been on sale since New Years Eve.

A new year and new resolve at KBC to make 2 brews per week. Thursday 12 January will see the commencement of brewing a 3.7% bitter and a dark mild.  As always, it's open to the public so feel free to go and watch Hans and Kim in action.


23rd December 2011

The name of the first beer is 'Silver Tanner'. It was 25 years to the night that Burgundys first opened. Tanners Yard is the back entrance.

It was a beautiful ruby 4.4% beer that I enjoyed very much. The Taste Panel was there as well to try the new brew.

16th December 2011

The 'Official opening of The Kendal Brewing Company' will take place at 7.30pm on wednesday December 21st at The Brewhouse.
As for the name of this first beer....I guess we'll find out on the night!

15th December 2011

The brew worked perfectly and is now barrelled. This special 4.4 ABV first brew is as yet unnamed but it will be launched on wednesday night 21st December. A bit of a do! All CAMRA members are welcome to this. I'll post more details such as start time and the name they decide on when I have them but it's a definite for wednesday night!

9th December 2011

Brewing finally got underway today. Started off fine but a problem with pump equipment developed. So at the moment results unknown. Will report back.

6th December 2011

Brewing was due to recommence today but didn't because the crystal malt as well as some brewing equipment such as a hydrometer hadn't arrived in time. I am assured by Kim that this is a minor hitch and as long as everything gets there in time Hans and Kim will be brewing on Thursday 8th December. As the brewhouse is open to the public you can see them do it from 11am.

15th November 2011

Brewing Comes Back to Kendal after 35 Years

Mike Pennington's Kendal Brewing Co. based at The Brewhouse at Burgundys have now started brewing. It began on Saturday 29th October with a first test brew by guest brewer Peter Goldsborough. Peter has won many awards as head brewer at Burnley's famous Moorhouse brewery and is now with Cross Bay Brewery in Morecambe. This first test brew had to be ditched at the fermentation stage due to a failure in ingredients but the good news is that all the equipment was found to be in full working order. The micro brewery is a 2 barrel brew plant which will produce 72 gallons per brew.

Hans Krueger, the ex Derwent brewer is coming out of retirement to teach the Brewhouse manager Kim Lawther all he knows, so Kim will be the permanent house brewster.
Meet the Brewer weekends are also being organised where other guest brewers will come in and brew their own beers whilst the public can watch and talk to them.

The last permanent brewery in Kendal was Whitwell and Mark, which were based at what is now The Brewery Arts Centre.  They closed down in the 1970s, but Derek Kingwell has managed to track down and secure many of their recipes. These recipes will form the basis of The Brewhouse's Heritage Range.

29th October 2011

They have completed their first test mash.

Kendal Brewing Co intends to brew Auld Kendal. This beer is currently brewed to the original recipe from the Whitwell & Marks Brewery in Kendal, by Derwent Brewery in Silloth along with several other original recipes. It will be interesting to compare the two Auld Kendal beers, preferably side by side!


Sept 2011 - not brewing yet.


May 2011

Brewery built, but kit not yet installed, in a glass walled building at the rear of Burgundy's Wine Bar. A new extended drinking area is along side this, with a good view of the inside of the brewery itself.

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